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The Womens Healing Org International (WHOI) provides resources, information, articles, audios, videos and tips to support the health and wellbeing of women.

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WHOI aims to become partners in women's health and wellbeing. We want women's souls to soar in their relationships with self and others, in their personal and working lives. 

Our site covers issues of relevance to  women at all stages of life, from nutrition facts, fitness, flexible work, working from home, health and wellness in the workplace, personal finances and budgeting, financial literacy, relationships, health and beauty, symptoms of stress, spirituality, time management techniques, family, divorce to mental wellness issues and much more.

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A whole new approach to Women’s business
by journalist, Jeanne  Vida-Douglas

So many times have I sat in the back of a conference hall and fought back tears of boredom, but listened politely as presenters tried desperately to inject some interest into dry and complex subjects like financial management, career development and healthcare.
But the launch of the Womens Healing Organisation International was something entirely different.
And it was different because it was honest.
First we were honoured by acknowledgement to land to recognize the ancestors of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation delivered by none other than Diat Callope, whose work in Aboriginal Education and Healthcare has made a real difference in the lives of thousands of Australians.
Then Zaffyre International CEO Margot Cairnes graced the stage, well more than that, she took it right over and lay her life before our eyes and ears. Divorce, poverty, sick kids she never thought she’d raise, devastation and renewal.
At the core of her message lay the idea that we all have in us the power to overcome horrendous situations, so long as we are not afraid to reach out for the support of others, especially other women. Her journey hasn’t been easy, and she wasn’t about to suggest that our journeys are, but by the end I was glued to my seat, nervously fighting back tears, still conscious I was in a corporate environment, and didn’t want to be seen sobbing.
Then Natasha Flynn, who works with author and health guru Sandra Cabot, gave an enthusiastic and challenging presentation, calling for us all to take control of our lives by taking control of our health. Luckily the light lunch we’d just had was well within her recommendations, so we could feel empowered rather than guilty regarding our most recent munching.
Then Louise Brogan took the podium, and spoke with such honesty and such depth that the last vestiges of self control melted and tears rolled all around the room.
Brogan captured the audience by telling of her discovery in her mid-forties that she’d been put up for adoption because her birth parents couldn’t afford to raise her. No wonder, she mused, she’d dedicated her life to helping women manage their finances, to make sure they never have to face such a heart breaking decision.
What was fascinating was that it was so rare to find such a combination of honesty, emotion and business in the one space, and I’m starting to suspect that the only reason it worked was because Womens Healing Organisation International is an organisation created by, about and for women.
Smart, hardworking women, who need to take control of their lives by asking for each other’s help, looking after their health and controlling their finances. It worked because it broke all the traditional rules of presentations.
If the launch is anything to go by, the website will be a fabulous resource for women who want to make the most of their lives, and who aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it.
Yep, by the end of the presentations I was fighting back tears, but for once I was glued to my seat, and the tears were of emotion, not boredom. 

Jeanne-Vida Douglas
IT, business and finance.

Listen to the WHOI Launch presentations
Chaired by Kerry Fallon Horgan, CEO, WHOI

Acknowledgement to land by Diat Callope

Margot Cairnes, Author & Zaffyre International Founder

Natasha Flynn, works alongside Dr Sandra Cabot in her medical practices

Louise Brogan, Director, All Money Matters & co-author "Your Life - Your Money! Making your life work for you."

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